Four fun-filled KS-2 PE activities

1. You are three and find me from three

First, divide your class into two teams. Select a leader for each team. After that, toss between them. Winner will dig three small pits. Then they will hide one marble in one pit. The opponent should come and find it by digging one pit. If they fail then the kid who dug the pit is out. If they win then the kid who hid the marble is out. In addition, now the second team will hide the marble. Repeat this until one team has no player. This comes under treasure hunt KS2 PE activities.

2. Robber and the police

First, create a maze with jail at the center of it. The robber will move from one treasure to another. At one time, the robber can move any length but police should move just one length. If the robber is caught then he will be sent to jail. He can be free only if the second robber frees him from reaching jail.

3. I will throw now

Here you need to create a circle. Then one player will stand in the circle with a flat and circular plastic or wooden piece. He will shout, “I will throw now” by standing in the circle turning his back towards others. He needs to throw that disc when players say “yes “and players will try to catch it. If they catch it then he is out else he will kick that disc three times exactly to take it into the circle. If he fails then new player plays the game.

4. Complete the puzzle.

Here you need one ball. Create a circle and place a kid will stand in the circle and he throws that ball in any direction he wishes. The player from another team will fetch that ball. Meanwhile, another team will try to finish the puzzle. If the player returns with the ball before the puzzle is complete then his team will win else his team will lose. This comes under strategy and puzzle solving KS2 PE activities.